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Wizards of the Coast awesomeness

I love Dungeons and Dragons. I’ve been playing since I was very young. I’ve played every edition and enjoyed them all. I was first to jump on 4th Edition and then 5th Edition I pre-ordered the core books. My Players handbook has started falling apart, I saw a couple of things about the first printing having some problems and that WotC might replace it. I’m thinking it’s a long shot since they came out in 2014 and it is 3 years later. Anyway, I sent an email to their customer support and after a couple of back and forth emails for information here’s the response.

Hail and well met Ian of House Cornwall,

We offer thanks to Oghma for your patience! We’ve reviewed the runic markings in your images and determined that they align with a specific binding glyph that’s been deemed too unstable for ...

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We have been playing as a group for a long time. We’ve played all sorts of RPGs. We are currently playing the Dresden Files. We recently thought it might be interesting to record our sessions to see if they are mildly interesting. Turns out it was. It also helps us to recap and remember our previous session. We’ll see how long we keep this up and maybe others will find it interesting and entertaining.

You can read more about us in the about page.

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